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Inexpensive Alternative for an Oilfield Container Skid - Quick Attach Container Skid Review

  • The Container Guy gives you a sneak peek at our prototype version of the Quick Attach Container Skid, which is an inexpensive alternative to an oilfield container skid for shipping containers.This product eliminates the need for steel container frames on all of your containers. Although it won’t replace loading skids for its weight distribution or ground clearance, the quick attach skid is one-tenth of the cost and you can use them on all of your sea cans.If you’re loading a loaded shipping container, you don’t need a crane or heavy equipment to load your truck on-site. All you need is a set of these container skids in your truck and an oilfield winch truck.You can pull up to any container, quickly hook up the Quick Attach Container Skids, and winch the sea can up safely.

    This product should be available to the public soon!

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