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Installation Instructions - Container Modification World Bolt-On Lock Box

  • How To Install a Lockbox on a Shipping Container | The Container Guy

    In this video, we will show you the proper way to install a lockbox on a shipping container. We will teach you the step-by-step process of installing the Container Modification World’s High-Security Bolt On Lock Box on a sea can.

    List of Tools Required: Marker Centre Punch Drill Pilot Bit Large Drill Bit or Step Bit 5/8s Flat Wrench or Socket

    What Comes With This Lock Box: Lock Box Carriage Bolts (Insulated and Non-Insulated) Flat Washers Nylock Nuts Back Washer Plates Lock Reciever Shackle Lock (ONLY in Lock & Lock Box Combo)

    Note: The shackle locks come Keyed Alike or Keyed Different.

    *Lock Box:

    *Lock & Lock Box Combo:

    We are constantly developing new products and engineering practices. We know how to convert sea containers without compromising the integrity of the structure. This channel will take you along as we convert Conex boxes for our clients and show you the proper way to install accessories.

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