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How To Install Vents In A Shipping Container - Big Air 45 Vent Installation

  • How To Install Vents In A Shipping Container - Big Air 45 Vent Installation | The Container Guy

    In this video, we will show you the proper way to install vents in a shipping container. We will teach you where to place the BigAir45 vents and how many you need to insert depending on the size of your sea can. We will show you how to mark and cut the container walls and the best way to install them so your sea can is secure.

    List of Tools Required: Marking Pen Tape Measuring Tape Angle grinder & cutting wheel Drill Minimum 3/16 drill bit Rivet Gun (for rivets) OR 3/8" Nut Driver (for self-tapping screws) Caulking Gun Silicone

    What comes with this product: 2 Vents Paper Template (9” x 14”) 11 Self-Tapping Screws 11 Rivets Installation Guide Benefits of using this vent: Install them anywhere on shipping container (sidewalls, end wall, doors) Eliminates moisture and excess heat Will never rust Computer model design

    Note: They are corrugation dependant and must be installed on the outside corrugations. Please reference your corrugations with the corrugation dimensions outlined in this video to ensure this vent will fit on your container

    Baseball test:

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    *Big Air 45:

    *Big Air 45 with Bug Screen:

    *Bug Screen ONLY:

    *Lock Box:

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